Wednesday 26th September 2018,

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Job Reuhl was born at 27 juli 1988 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. All the years playing with music, cutting and pasting tapes, and always searching for the most fresh music resulted in a DJ career. At that moment he created his alter ego JiXXX what stands for: Job is Hardcore

At the beginning JiXXX is mixing various music styles into a fluent mix but when house music came up around 2004 he started focussing on this genre. With this music and his mixing skills he worked himself up to an important and well-known face in the local clubscene.

Around the year 2012 the scene is changing and house music becomes rougher and less musical. At that moment JiXXX decides it’s enough and goes back to where he comes from: Mixing multiple styles in one set. In that same year he meets Nigel Sean, a rapper and a singer. Together they create the concept Murderhouse. This concept is based on house music mixed with pop, RnB, Trap, Moombahton and other styles. It’s all about energy, musicality, recognision and suprises. It’s all about partying and dancing without worrying about genres or credibility.

With this concept it’s going fast, With shows in the south of the Netherlands to the north, and from Spain to Turkey JiXXX and Nigel Sean are ready for the future.