Wednesday 26th September 2018,

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Murderhouse is all about being different but being yourself. Murderhouse is all about recognision but all about suprises. What we are trying to say is, you can’t put a lable on Murderhouse. As long as it has energy, we play it! As long as you can dance to it, we play it! House, trap, moombahton, pop, hardstyle and urban. But all mixed fluently and vocally hyped up by an energetic MC.


At this very moment the world is choosing between 2 sides. The deeper sounds and the rougher kinds. Murderhouse is, as controversial as they are, going right trough the middle. Mixing various styles and not giving a shit about credibility. We just want to party without concessions. We want your hands to the roof and sweat on the walls. We want you to go home afterwards and all you can think is: Wow, what the fuck was that?

Murderhouse is founded by DJ JiXXX in 2012 to bring something new to the table. Bored by DJ’s playing the same sounds over and over for 1,5 hour he created this concept full of styles, variatons, recognition and suprises. Together with his enegetic MC, Nigel Sean they hype up the crowd and push the vibe to critic levels.

Murderhouse group crop